Contracted Internet Programming
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CodeWell provides programming services. Founded in 1997, and built by invitation only, we are a federation of experienced programmers. All our members are software developers with proven individual capabilities, as well as complementary skills.

CodeWell acquires new clients only by word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Our federation structure gives us unusual flexibility in building teams that can meet each project's needs for a balance of development experience, schedule, and pricing. Every project uses dedicated programmers for the bulk of the work, drawing on the specialty experience of other CodeWell members as needed.

Our federation structure allows us to respond to a large project's needs (several programmers for several months) as quickly as to a small project's needs (one programmer for a few days). With our large base of resources we can accomodate most needs immediately.

We have a history of creating and shipping full software products: mass market productivity software, games, database apps and web back-ends. But often our clients find our skills appropriate to rescue a sluggish schedule, to provide consultant advice in a particular area, or to chip in as part of an in-house team that has developed a capability hole.

Our most valuable assets are our flexibility and communication skills. Every CodeWell project has a different focus, guided by the client's specific goals for cost efficiency, iterative design, and time to market. Our only goal is to make the client happy.