The CodeWell Team

Steve Colwell concentrates on overall architecture and design, as well as performance optimization. He has 18 years of experience leading the development of successful production software. Since 1997 Steve has been the lead architect at CodeWell LLC. Steve works in Santa Barbara, California.

Mark Dinan started 16 years ago as a Macintosh programmer writing educational science simulations at Caltech and later helped with Knowledge Adventure's multimedia engine. He has spent the last 7 years developing web community tools in Java and Perl. Mark works in Pasadena, California.

Michael Douglas has spent over 18 years as a developer and manager at various technology companies. His experience ranges from writing test software for automotive sensors to developing control applications for high-precision medical scanners, from implementing low level device drivers to managing teams to develop complex 3D game engines. Michael works in Redondo Beach, California.

Chris Ewington has a wide variety of software development experience including Windows applications and games, console games, and handheld applications, written in C/C++ and Delphi. Chris has particular expertise with Win32, DirectX, COM, ActiveX, MAPI, Microsoft Office Automation, and email security. Chris works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Fernando Echeverria is a software architect with broad experience in many areas of software development. He specializes in the development of complex C++ and Java applications that involve networking, multimedia, and multithreading. He also has extensive experience developing educational software for Knowledge Adventure and He is also skilled in server-side development, including custom server code, web development using servlets and JSP, and database design and programming. Fernando works in Santiago, Chile. Lee Hasiuk is a software architect specializing in graphical, Java, and Windows APIs. He has 20 years of experience developing successful production software, including the high-performance user interface of the next generation 3d web technology at Worlds Inc., the high speed image compression/decompression software in many of Knowledge Adventure's edutainment products, and Lotus Magellan. Lee works in upstate New York.

Chuck Messenger specializes in the development of technology for the purpose of performance optimization. During his 20 year career, he has developed ground-breaking technologies in the areas of text search, text compression, speech compression, speech recognition, optical character recognition, and peer-to-peer Internet broadcasting, for companies including TRW, Larousse, Fuji Xerox and EntryPoint. He is skilled in C, C++, Java, Pentium optimization, and embedded processors. Chuck works in upstate New York.

Bob Mortensen is a software engineer with 18 years of experience in a wide variety of projects. He specializes in C++ development of complex systems, but is also proficient in several other languages including Perl and Pascal. His experience includes pioneering data visualization techniques at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, several years as a key contributor to animation systems at Walt Disney Feature Animation, and the creation of a high-volume eCommerce package. Bob works in Altadena, California.

Graham Neumann is a software engineer and MBA with over 10 years of experience developing both consumer and enterprise applications for a variety of technology companies. His particular expertise includes TCP/IP networking, multithreading, security, COM, MAPI and wireless. He is skilled in C++, Java, and Delphi. Graham works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Eric Schmidt is a software developer with particular expertise working on games for the Windows platform (such as Activision's Call To Power and Cabela's Big Game Hunter 3 & 4), in 3-D computer graphics, and in computer algebra. He is skilled in C, C++, Java, MAPI, Smalltalk and Delphi. Eric works in Oregon.

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